About AlignYourCar.com

  • AlignYourCar.com is the first US based distributor for Trackace
  • After buying a Trackace from the UK, and finding that it was such an accurate, easy, quick and affordable way to check and adjust your own alignment, we became the first and currently the only authorized US distributor.
  • We have been selling on eBay for over 12 years with a 100% positive feedback rating, so you are sure to have a first class experience. 
  • After beginning our Trackace sales on eBay initially, we soon activated this online store at AlignYourCar.com.  This allowed us avoid large eBay fees and pass the savings on to you. 
Trackace is a DIY laser wheel alignment gauge which can be used at home, to check the front wheel toe angle on most vehicles.
It is quick, easy and affordable to check the front end alignment on your car or truck with the Trackace.

Learn about Trackace here: http://alignyourcar.com
Our Video page contains Videos showing Trackace operation, and alignment basics and theory