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What is Trackace?

Trackace is a patented laser wheel alignment gauge. A useful tool which allows anyone to check the front end alignment on their car or truck at home. Once the toe angle of the front tires is measured with the Trackace any home mechanic can use this information to adjust the alignment (if required) using common hand tools. Always consult the correct repair manual for your car or truck before attempting an adjustment or repair yourself.


How do I use the Trackace?

A picture is worth a thousand words. The video below demonstrates how quickly and easily you can check front end toe alignment using the Trackace. Also check our Videos page for more videos demonstrating the theory and practice of adjusting the alignment if required.
As always, consult the repair manual for your vehicle, for details and specifications specific to your car / truck.



How accurate is Trackace?

Trackace Laser Alignment Guage is the only gauge that calibrates at a distance larger than its operating distance, which minimizes errors and increases accuracy.With laser precision and good eye sight you can read down to 1 minute of angle difference on the scale.  That is 1/60 th of a degree! (0.0167 degree's). On a vehicle with 18" wheels that equates to measuring a difference of close to 1/200th of an inch between the front wheels.


Why should I check and adjust the front wheel alignment.

The front toe angle is very important in determining, tire wear, fuel consumption, and vehicle handling characteristics. A correctly aligned car or truck will have lower fuel consumption and less tire wear, than an identical misaligned vehicle, therefore saving you money. The added benefit is that a correctly aligned vehicle will handle better. Also a misaligned car or truck may also have a steering wheel which is not centered while driving in a straight line.


What makes a vehicle become "out of alignment"

Many factors can change the front end alignment on your car or truck.
Large potholes can knock your alignment out of specification or bend components, wear in the front suspension components can change alignment.  Also any time work is done to your vehicles front end or suspension, such as Struts,  Springs,  tie rods, control arms, bushings, CV joints etc the vehicles wheel / tire alignment should be checked and adjusted as needed.
Tire manufacturers recommend alignment be checked every 6000 miles.


Why not just take my vehicle somewhere to have it checked and adjusted?

An alignment costs $50 to as high as $164 if you want a warranty, that is per vehicle, plus time is lost driving to the mechanic and waiting for your vehicle to be completed. Tire manufacturers recommend alignment checks every 6000 miles, as you can see it can get expensive quickly. If you don't check the alignment, and the alignment is off, it can cost you big bucks for a new set of tires due to increased tire wear.
If you watch the Videos you will see that checking and adjusting the alignment on your own car or truck is not that difficult. Here at AlignYourCar.com we believe if you want something done right, do it yourself.
At $117 the Trackace can pay for itself in just a couple of uses or a couple of cars, plus it is quick, requiring only 2-3 minutes to check the front wheel tracking on a vehicle at home. You therefore save both time and money each time you use it.


Why buy Trackace rather than another product

Trackace is the first and only affordable, DIY, laser accurate, alignment tool, enabling  the home mechanic to check front end alignment with this level of accuracy.  Competing products are either less accurate,  not as quick and easy to use, and/or much more expensive.  At only $117 with free shipping to the Contiguous  US you will not find another tool this quick and easy to use, and this accurate, at this price.


Why buy from AlignYourCar.com?

AlignYourCar.com is the first and currently only US Distributor for Trackace.
Previously if you wanted to buy a Trackace it had to be ordered from Europe.
Ordering from AlignYourCar.com,  a US Distributor, means that you can save money, and get faster delivery.
Ordering from AlignYourCar.com removes the unknowns of international shipping,  international credit card fees, estimated exchange rates and unknown customs fees and delays, all of which could increase your cost to more than expected, and give you a less than desirable experience.
Customers outside the US may want to compare our prices on eBay as shipping on the site here is flat rate at the moment, whereas our shipping fees on eBay are calculated per country and delivery method and may work out cheaper for you.


Which wheel do I adjust?

Both equally, center the steering first (if required), then set toe angle by adjusting both tie rods equally. The Video page has five video demonstrations. Reference the correct vehicle maintenance manual for details.



Does the Trackace only measure the right hand wheel?

No, Trackace measures total toe, like a   commercial gauge. The left wheel is used to zero and calibrate the gauge,  the total toe is then read using the right wheel reference. 



Do I have to refer to the rear wheels when adjusting tracking?

No, the front wheels should be centered with the steering gear/wheel and have the correct amount of toe. Refer to your vehicle handbook for the correct toe angle for your vehicle. 


 Will the Trackace work on my vehicle. 

Trackace works on the vast majority of cars and pickup trucks with certain limitations that apply to only a very few vehicles. 
The limiting factors are:
1) The vehicle must not be lower than 100mm (approx 4") in the area just forward of the front wheels. This allow the laser to hit the mirror under the car. 
2) The rim of the wheel must be between 10 -  22 inches diameter. 
3) Along a level line at a height of 10" above the ground, there should not be any lug nuts or parts of the wheel or tire that protrude more than 1" (out to the side) past the rim of the wheel. This allows the legs to touch the wheel rim without anything interfering with the horizontal mirror bar which sits slightly more than 1" out. 
4) Along the same level line at 10" above the ground, the measurement from the rear of the rim to the forward edge of the tire tread should be less than 25".  This prevents the tire from blocking the tilting action of the mirror. 
The vast majority of cars and trucks fall well within these limits. The vehicles which may have issues and need to be checked are either, lowered using after market products,  large Trucks / RV's with convex front wheels, or lifted vehicles with oversized off road tires on large rims. 
If you have any questions or concerns about your particular situation or vehicle do not hesitate to contact us


Thanks for your time, and your business if you choose to buy.

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